The name or term Scattershot refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Scattershot (disambiguation).


Scattershot is one of the Autobots on Optimus Prime's team. His primary weapon is a Scatter blaster.



Concept art of Scattorshot and his vehicle mode: the tank

  • He is a playable character in Escalation mode with the default neutron assault rifle and two abilities, energon barrier and guided missile.
  • In the trailer of the DLC Pack 1, Scattershot appears to be shooting at Autobot Drones as opposed to Decepticon Drones. The other odd thing is that it looks remarkably similar to the shot in "Iacon Destroyed" when Brawl is being attacked.
  • His tank mode, like all the other bots with tank modes in War for Cybertron, rather than having thrusters on the bottom of craft, projects a strange electrical aura on the ground he is hovering over.

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