Scavenger is a Vehicon in Beast Machines portion of the Generation One continuity.

Scavenger is a specialized tank drone under Tankor's command. Scavenger demolition drones exist for a single purpose -- destruction. It doesn't matter if it's a building or a Maximal, Scavenger drones will roll right through it, relying on their heavy armor to protect them. Anything they can't knock over, they attack using electric currents produced from the galva-conductors on their back.

Pre-release name: Destructicon


Universe: The Wreckers

Megatron sent Scavenger drones and Mirage drones to fight alongside the generals Spy Streak, Blastcharge, and Quake and their respective drones to guard an old Autobot shuttle from the Wreckers, who wished to use it to get offworld. It was quite the welcoming party. The majority of the Scavenger drones were destroyed by the Wreckers. Those that weren't were caught in the blast that consumed the facility as the shuttle launched. Depature

Note: It is unclear whether the Scavenger drones were used anywhere else on the planet, for Optimus Primal and his Maximals never encountered them.


Beast Machines


But what I really want to do is travel -- see the world.

  • Scavenger (Basic, 2000)
Scavenger is an olive, black, orange and silver destruction vehicle. A lever is included that opens and closes the vehicle's crusher jaw. Unusually for a toy his size, Scavenger features movable claw-fingers in robot mode. Several elements of his design are an apparent homage to the original Scavenger, who had a similar alternate mode.
The Beast Machines mold was used for Robots in Disguise Scavenger, redecoed in blue, black, white, and gold.

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