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This article is about the Movie Dinobot. For the Kre-O Dinobot, see Scorn (Kre-O).
Scorn Official Image

Scorn is a Dinobot who transforms into a Spinosaurus.


Age of Extinction film

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Dinobot Hunt flash game

Hound riding on Scorn broke through the strengthening of the Decepticons and captured enemy base.


Age of Extinction

  • Transformers Age of Extinction Generations Deluxe Class Scorn Figure

"Scorn has the jaws of a dino and the personality of a tank. He's a rumbling, thundering war hammer on legs. Convert, arm and attack with all the Transformers action you can handle! This Scorn figure is a high-powered fighter whether he's in robot mode or dino mode. With a sword in one hand and a spear in the other, he's a double danger to any enemy in robot mode. When he converts to spinosaurus mode he has a terrible chomping jaw and armored tail! Keep converting him back and forth so he can handle whatever his foes dish out!"



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