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Scorpia is an Autobot from the Generation 2 portion of the Generation One continuity family.
Scorpia g2


Scorpia transforms from a time machine that is styled like a human watch to a scorpion robot. It is unknown if it retains the ability to travel through time in both modes or if this power is limited to "watch" form.

Note: Due to the name ending in the feminine "ia", many fans conclude that Scorpia is a female. Without an official bio in any form, there is nothing to support or refute this claim.


Generation 2

  • Scorpia (Watch, 1993)
The original mold coming from the same Japanese Kronoform line that gave us most of the other Transformers watches (and loads of knock-offs to boot), Scorpia is a fairly rare Generation 2 watch robot, transforming from a functioning digital wristwatch to a robotic scorpion, detachable from the plastic watchband base.


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