There are many words that can be used to describe a Decepticon warrior, but "chibi" should NEVER, EVER be one. Imagine the horror of the terrible and mighty Scowl when he learned that not only didn't his fat, super-deformed little werewolf alternate form scare anyone, but that it was considered actively "CUTE". shudder Bristleback may hate his Pretender shell, but Scowl's was his salvation. Now suitably monstrous on the outside, he uses his powerful sonic screams and super-sensitive hearing to prove his bark is just as bad as his bite. His fellow Decepticons wish he'd take the shell off now and again, as it amplifies his already loud voice to an uncomfortable volume.

He can combine with his fellow Pretender Monsters to form Monstructor.

French name (Canada): Boxus
Italian name: Raptor


Marvel Comics continuity.

Generation One


He's like a walking pile of teeth.

In an alternate future where the Decepticons had conquered much of Earth, Scowl and his fellow Pretender Monsters were led by Galvatron to the remains of New York City in an attempt to root out the last remaining vestiges of Autobot and human resistance. All they managed to find, however, was a human-made booby trap that buried Icepick under tons of debris.

Not long later, he and the others rejoined the Decepticons to defend the Decepticon Powerbase against an Autobot attack. Rhythms of Darkness!

Devil's Due G.I. Joe vs. Transformers comics continuity


These people, they go to sleep, they think everything's fine, everything's good... they wake up the next day and their mouth's on fire.

Scowl was among a group of Decepticons who made a deal with Cobra-La, receiving power-enhancing organic shells in exchange for defending Cobra-La's underground kingdom. They attacked a trio of Autobots aboard the submerged Arc II, then as Monstructor, defended the kingdom against surface attack by GI Joe. Black Horizon, Part 2

IDW comics continuity

Long millennia ago, Monstructor was the first gestalt, constructed out of the individual Pretender Monsters. Created by Jhiaxus under the direction of Nova Prime, they were intended to be the ultimate fusion of mind and body, a vast amount of intellect combined with unparalleled strength. Unfortunately, they were driven into insanity by the merging process and became monsters. After Nova Prime departed Cybertron in the Ark, Omega Supreme locked them in a dimensionally displaced prison to live out the rest of their horrid existence. Eventually, they escaped and tracked down and attacked Omega Supreme, but were defeated by Optimus Prime and split apart into their individual bodies. Despite Omega Supreme's protestations about the dangers of gestalt technology falling into Decepticon hands, Prime had them taken into custody in an attempt to repair their shattered minds. Spotlight: Optimus Prime

(Thus far in IDW's universe, Scowl, et al. are not actually Pretenders.)


Generation One

  • Scowl (Pretender Monster, 1989)
Team ID number: PM4

He'll eat you with his pink nuclear mouth.

Scowl's Pretender shell is short, stumpy monster with a HUGE fanged mouth. His inner robot shares a simple transformation scheme with Icepick and folds up to become one of Monstructor's legs. He comes with his shell, shell plate, a small gun, and a Monstructor footplate.

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