The Scrapmaker is a weapon, as its name suggests, "making scraps" by shooting at enemies.

Known variations

X12 Scrapmaker


The X12 Scrapmaker is a minigun of sorts, with average accuracy, a very high rate of fire, and does a little more damage than the Neutron Assault Rifle. These traits make it good for close to medium range combat, but at long range, weapons that are more accurate will overpower it. At close range, the X12 is devastating, but beware of its rather long reload. Another downside is that is has windup time.

X18 Scrapmaker


The X18 Scrapmaker is the upgraded version of the X12. It is a very powerful chain gun and can cut through Autobots very easily, but it also chews through ammo quickly. It can be upgraded for increased ammo capacity, decreased windup time, faster running speed, and more accuracy.


  • In War for Cybertron, the X12 Scrapmaker spins slowly up before it is at full rate of fire. However, in Fall of Cybertron, this does not seem to be the case
  • Seekers and Aerialbots use this weapon when hovering in humanoid mode.

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