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Screech is a Decepticon from the Generation One continuity family.
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As Take-Off believes in air superiority, Screech is a perfect partner for him, as the vicious avian can combine with the larger robot to give him flight capabilities and infra-red tracking to locate more targets. Even by himself, Screech is dangerous, packing neutron laser demagnetizer cannons that can evaporate the energon from within an Autobot target's body.

Italian name: Aquila


Generation One

  • Take-Off with Screech (Action Master, 1991)
Only available with the European-market-only Action Master Take-Off, Screech is a small, robotic bird-creature. Pressing a trigger on his rear section spring-launches his head forward; while this is pointless by himself, when Screech is plugged onto Take-Off's back, the beast-head flips over Take-Off's to act as a battle helmet.


  • Take-Off's bio calls Screech an "eagle scout". This may or may not be a pun, but either way, if Screech is an "eagle", it's a very liberal interpretation of one, even by Transformers' loose standards of beast-mode accuracy.
  • He is not played by Dustin Diamond.

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