Scuba Is Saved is the nineteenth episode of Beast Wars II. It first aired in Japan on August 19, 1998 on TV Tokyo.




As the Seacons attempt to repair their ship, Scylle continues to pining for Scuba. On a grass knoll, Bighorn is discussing his lack of a relationship with Diver and Tasmanian Kid when he finds a four-clover. He believes his luck will change now. At the Destron ship, Galvatron and Megastorm order Thrust and Dirge to perform recon on the Seacons and see if they are a threat. Thrust and Dirge arrive above the Seacon ship and begin to take recon photos. The Seacons quickly notice the jets, shoot at them, and allow them to escape.

Scylle later takes off to deliver a love letter to Scuba. Artemis watches from the moon and grows angry as she learns that someone else has a crush on Scuba. Meanwhile, Lioconvoy orders Bighorn, Diver, and Tasmanian Kid to perform recon. Scuba is off swimming in the river, when he sensors detect an enemy. He surfaces and discovers that the enemy is Scylle. Scuba transforms and gets ready to defend himself. Scylle, meanwhile, is excited and ready to talk to him. Scylle throws the love letter to him, but Scuba believes it to be a weapon and destroys it with his boomerang. Scylle finds his actions confusing but romantic. She puckers up for a kiss, but Scuba retreats.

Bighorn sees Scylle crying from across the river and instantly falls in love with her. Diver and Kid attempt to tell him that she's the enemy and that a relationship between the two would never last. Bighorn refutes that theory, and says that his four-leaf clover will give him luck. He attempts to run across the water to Scylle, but falls into the water. Meanwhile, Seaphanton grabs Scylle and retreats. Bighorn runs, with the ultimate plan of reaching the pirate ship and talking to Scylle. As he runs along the beach, Diver and Kid stop in front of him to talk to him. Terrormander soon attacks but is quickly throw off far into the water by Bighorn. Seaphantom arrives, but is disposed of in a similar fashion. Scylle talks to Coelagon on the ship, and they believe it is Scuba on the shore. Scylle puts on more lipstick and prepares for Scuba. Instead, she sees Bighorn running across the water. She first attempts to fire at Scuba with lasers eminating from her tenticles, but then blows him an explosive kiss. Bighorn sees the kiss coming and puckers up. The kiss literally blows Bighorn away, and he flies off into the distance. Before he hits the water, he notices that he has lost his clover. Diver grabs Bighorn and brings him to shore.

When they arrive on the shore, the Seacons have already reached there and begin to merge to form God Neptune. After they merge, however, they notice Scylle (and thus one leg) is missing and they fall into their individual components. Scuba is playing in the river when his sensors go off again. He turns around to see Scylle behind a rock. He fires on her, much to the rejoice of Artemis on the moon. Scylle returns to the Seacons and they merge once again to form God Neptune. The rest of the Cybertrons arrive and fight the Seacons. The Cybertrons later escape and God Neptune falls apart again and Scylle runs off after Scuba.

Afterwards, Scylle continues to pine for Scuba as Bighorn longs for Scylle.


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Note: All characters are listed in order of their first appearances in the episode. The time they appear is the time from the Japanese dub..

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