General Sea Clamp is a member of the Tripredacus Council.

He has great "crushing power". Presumably this means that he is good at crushing things, and not that he tends to develop crushes on his fellow Predacons.

He combines with his fellow council members to form Tripredacus. No more is known about him.

Italian name: Chela
French name (Canada): Crampon


Beast Wars cartoon

Voice actor: Ian Corlett (English), Jōji Yanami (Japanese)

IDW Beast Wars comics

Fun Publications Comics

He gave Flamewar's death sentence. Descent Into Evil


Beast Wars

  • Tripredacus (1997)
Sea Clamp transforms into a grayish-purple crawfish. He has two blades that flip out of his claws, and a white missile launcher under his abdomen. He transforms into the legs of Tripredacus.
This mold was recolored and released in Japan as Gimlet.


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