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"Whoa, deja vu!."

Soundwave is a dodgy geezer.

Marvel UK issue #275

Script: Simon Furman
Pencils: Pete Knifton
Inks: Pete Venters
Lettering: Glib


Secrets Soundwave

And he lived happily ever after!

Shockwave intercepts one of Megatron's energon shipments and beats the snot out of the guy to boot. An angry Megatron realises there's a traitor in his army and orders Soundwave to use his mind-reading powers to find out who it is. Unfortunately for Soundwave, he is the traitor, playing both sides against the other. He mind-scans everyone anyway, trying to find a fall guy, before finally hitting on Wildrider...

Soundwave stumbles into Wildrider's quarters at night, pretending to be poisoned by traitors, and gives him battle plans to transmit to Cybertron in secret to thwart the enemy. The paranoid Wildrider, rather than notice Soundwave was faking it, freaks out and heads off to transmit the plans - which means Megatron, informed by Soundwave, sees the Stunticon doing this, believes he's the traitor & contacting Shockwave, and executes the poor guy.

Soundwave earns Megatron's gratitude, and decides to spend some time making use of all that blackmail material he scanned from people's minds earlier...


  • Wildrider is presented as the paranoid one - that's more Breakdown's schtick.

Items of note

  • Mixmaster deals Syk, a forbidden circuit booster.
  • The Triple Changers work for Shockwave.
  • This story has a major consequence for the Earthforce war when Starscream blackmails Soundwave into helping him by threatening to reveal his double-agent activities. Internal Affairs!