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The seed in its packaging

get it now, folks! a new costum-made seed in is Prime packaging!

Seeds are ancient Cybertronian weapons used to Cyberform organic life into the Transformers Cybermetal. They are mainly used by The Creators.


A deploying seed

a deploying seed

Seeds are specifically designed to kill off organic life instantly. They work by re-configuring into charge mode, while turning on they're blue charge lights. They hover low above the ground, and start spinning extremely fast. When they detonate, it causes a huge wave of a molten lava-like substance that burns the skin and organs off organic life and turns they're bones into Cyber-metal. Once it cools down, it leaves a perfect skeleton of the species killed, only its made of Cyber-metal. seeds are launched in large groups by Creator Ships.



Psittacosaurus: Worst ride ever, I'm never coming here again.

In Transformers Age of Extinction, A huge fleet of Creator Ships entered the orbit of prehistoric earth, they flew low over the planets surface, and started deploying hundreds of Seeds. The Seeds killed off the Dinosaurs completely, Turning them all to Cyber-metal fossils. After the extinction of the Dinosaurs, the Creator Ships deployed huge Driller-Type tentacles that collected the Dinosaurs Cyber-metal. There was only one surviving Dinosaur, though. A Psittacosaurus is seen surviving the seed blast, and soon returning to watch the Creators collect the metals.

Activated seed

Joshua's seed signaling its location.

Later in the film, it explains how a company called KSI collects these metals an uses them to design their very own man-made Transformers. The owner of the company,Joshua Joyce, wanted more Transformium to build his Transformers. So he wanted a seed to detonate so he can get "Enough Transformium for a hundred Years". Lockdown happens to have one with him. He trades the seed with Cemetery Wind for Optimus Prime as his prisoner. Later, Harold Attinger gives Joshua the seed, but Joshua starts having second thoughts. he explains to Harold how he didnt want the seed at this moment. Harold trys to explain "how "good men" have died for that thing". But Joshua refuses. At that moment, Galvatron gains control over Joshua's Prototypes and attacks the factory. He tells Harold that he should get out of here quickly. Joshua quickly escapes Harold, with the Seed.

"Hey, what are you doing, we had a deal! You got what you wanted!"

"I got what "IT" wanted"

-Joshua to Harold just before the elevator door closes

The blast radius text message

the sarcastic text message

Later in the film, Joshua calls Wembley so he can know what the Seeds blast radius is. The Scientist's say "duh", as if its a easy question. Later when Joshua is in the elevator, he receives a text message back from Wembley that says:"like a tactical nuke. LOL! :)" Joshua starts laughing hysterically, and over-telling the guy in the elevator how ridiculous his day was. So it may be possible that the seeds blast radius is "like a tactical nuke".

Near the end of the film, Optimus says that the seed belonged to the creators, and that he was going to use it like a homing device to find them. He blasts into space taking the seed with him. It is unknown what happens to the seed after this.


  • The seed used in the film may be a actual replica used for the film, but of course, the replica doesn't actually work, it was just a prop.
  • It is unknown how Lockdown got a hold of one seed.
  • The seed also has a ability to transmit a homing signal,which will tell where its location is.

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