Servo is a Mini-Con from the Armada portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.
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Where his teammates are quite serious-minded, Servo is a happy-go-lucky sort. He's a bit of a doof and occasionally oblivious to what's going on around him, but his technical skills are unquestionable. His cheerful outlook keeps his teammates from ever getting too down, even if he does occasionally do some pretty stupid things.

Primus only knows what trouble he'd have gotten himself into without the supervision of his teammates Redline and Flat-Out.


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This is one damn lucky Mini-Con.

Servo and his teammates escaped from the crashing Exodus in an escape pod that landed in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Washington. They lay dormant for centuries until the Mini-Cons were reactivated due to the actions of Rad White and Carlos Lopez. Upon reactivation, the trio crawled onto the shore and took new alternate forms suited to the environment. They were suddenly pursued by a pair of Fixer Bugs and escaped into a parking garage. Servo used his scanning ability to prepare a car for conversion into a Turbo Cannon, which was used to destroy their pursuers. However, the car's owner, Stella Holley, saw all this. The trio formed a mental link with Stella and explained their plight to her, and she agreed to help them.

The Super Stunt Team, Stella, and the newly-awakened Rollbar ventured to the Deccan Plateau in India, having discovered the presence of a newly-landed shuttle from Cybertron, hoping that it was an Autobot who would allow them to use the shuttle, or at least some of its technology, for their plans of refuge. However, they were attacked by the Speed Chaser Mini-Con Team, and Servo was hit by Tailslide's transfixation beam, locking him in vehicle mode, upended to boot. Stella managed to keep the Fixer Bugs away from Servo for a time, but it was the arrival of the Autobot Scavenger that truly saved them all.

After acquiring the shuttle, Servo was out scouting through Seattle when he met Falcia, and brought her back to their base.

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I'm the wind, baby.

  • Super Stunt Mini-Con Team (DVD release, 2003)
Servo is a redeco of the Armada Street Speed Mini-Con Team member Spiral, transforming into a Mercedes C-class luxury car. It was only available with its teammates Flat-Out and Redline with the first volume of the Micron Legend DVD series in Japan, the only volume to contain more than a single Mini-Con.
The same mold is used by Armada Skid-Z, while a retooled version of the mold is used by Galaxy Force Jack. The mold was slated to be released as Clocker in Energon, but was ultimately canceled.


  • Servo's coloration was going to be applied to the unreleased Energon Mini-Con Override. That whole team was a "one-off" of the Super Stunt Team, shuffling the colors from each member onto different molds.

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