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Specifics: Art

Shadow Panther looks like a Maximal, but he is really a Predacon! His thirst for the hunt can only be satiated by attacking many Maximals. Keep an eye on the darkness, for that is where Shadow Panther lives!


Beast Wars

  • Shadow Panther (Deluxe, 1996)
Japanese ID number: D-7
ShadowPanther toy

Fuzzy kitty!

This toy is a redeco of the original Cheetor toy in black, silver, and yellow, transforming into a generic big feline. His tail/flanks separate to form a non-firing blaster, while his underbelly forms a water-shooting "gut gun" that can be used in either mode.
Much later, this toy was offered through Hasbro's online collector service under the name "Tripredacus Agent", with an online bio indicating he was the same character as Ravage (then called "Tripredacus Agent" due to trademark issues).
This mold was also used to make Tigatron, and was planned to be used for the cancelled Universe toy Nightprowler.


  • Rhinox Vs. Shadow Panther (Vs pack, 1997)
    • Japanese ID number: VS-7
"Shadow Panther" was available both as an individual and in a "versus" set with Rhinox. Both toys are identical to their individual releases.

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