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After a GroundBridge failure, the kids are flung into another dimension with a reanimated Skyquake.


Starscream is sick after Megatron's punishment. Megatron visits him in the hospital of the "Nemesis" and mocks the unsuccessful usurper. Just after his leaving Starscream, annoyed with Megatron's derisions, gets up and limps away, in spite of Knock Out's protests. He takes the Dark Energon crystal out of the hiding-place and flies to the Earth.

Ratchet reports to Optimus Prime that he had just detected the Dark Energon signal moving on. Optimus voices a supposition that Megatron is going to rise his undead army again. Miko wants to have a snapshot of a Terrorcon and thinks that the right moment has come to do this. When the Autobots enter the GroundBridge, she rushes there, too. Jack tries to detain the girl, but she breaks away from him, and the friends have the only alternative to follow her. Nobody notices that Miko drops her cell phone.

Starscream lands near the Skyquake's tomb in order to awaken him and to make him the first soldier of his army. At this time the Autobots arrive to the place from which the Dark Energon signal comes. They are astonished when seeing not Megatron but Starscream there. Optimus orders Starscream to stop, but the Con refuses to obey and shoots at Prime. He is sure that nobody can hurt him till his body is infused with the Dark Energon, but Prime fires his arm off. Starscream is forced to send an inquiry to the "Nemesis" about the urgent GroundBridge for himself. The children watch the fight from the top of a rock. Miko suddenly misses her phone and raises cry at Jack. Their loud quarrel attracts the Autobots' attention. Annoyed Optimus calls Arcee up and orders her to open the GroundBridge. Accidentally, the two Bridges are opening simultaneously, and the explosion results. After the children come to themselves, they become astonished that the Autobots don't seem to notice them, though they are quite near. Raf supposes that they were thrown into a parallel world named "Shadowzone".

(to be continued...)


(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Humans


  • Even though Megatron's armor was fully restored after being infused with Dark Energon in the previous episode, Starscream still has scratches and other damage when he uses the Dark Energon on himself (maybe, this is because Starscream had used only a part of the crystal for himself).
  • Skyquake's arm, when fired off, has turned to a Terrorcon, but that of Starscream hasn't.
  • It is still unknown whatever happened to Skyquake's arm or if Skyquake will ever return.
  • When Knock Out is offering to give Starscream a new upgrade to replace his missing arm, he suggests the Null-ray, an allusion made to the G1 Starscream's weapon of choice. Starscream doesn't want it however.

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