"The Riddler, Transformers... what can I try and ruin next?"

Shane McCarthy is an Australian comic book writer. He has written for DC Comics's Batman in Detective Comics and was responsible for the reinvention of the Riddler during the five-part Riddle Me That storyline in Batman: Legends of the Dark Night (which was promptly ignored by subsequent writers). He has recently started writing Transformers comics for IDW Publishing, with his first series being All Hail Megatron.

The first details of All Hail Megatron were revealed by McCarthy in a television interview on the disreputable Australian tabloid current affairs programme Today Tonight on January 16, 2008. He was quoted saying that the story would be about a "world without the Autobots", but later retracted his comments, claiming he had been misquoted.[1] Either way, it must have been one hell of a slow news day.

Among Shane McCarthy's many talents is swing dancing. He is a regular instructor at the Swing It! swing dancing school in Perth, Western Australia.[2]

He is not a fan of the 2007 Transformers movie.[3]

Comic bibliography

IDW Publishing


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  2. Swing It! About Us/Teachers page
  3. Based upon his pleasure in a blog post about a fan praising All Hail Megatron while deriding the 2007 Movie

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