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Shingo was an eight year-old reader of the original Marvel Generation One comic in the 1980s.

In a letter to the editors in The Bridge to Nowhere!, John Kamatani, a 23 year-old reader, mentioned that his eight year-old cousin, Shingo, thought Transformers was cool. The letters column ran with this, eventually wondering why Shingo himself didn't write in. No letter was immediately forthcoming, and Shingo became a running joke among the comic's readers and editors. Fans would occasionally sign letters with names such as "Shingo XVII", or end letters with statements like "By the way, I spoke with Shingo a while back and he says Transformers are cool." In Issue #41, the editors went so far as to hold a contest called Spot the Shingo, in which the object was to find Shingo's name hidden in the artwork of various panels.

Shingo eventually did write in a year or so later, but was sharply critical of the story direction the book had taken by that point. In particular he noted the harsh contrast between the often higher-quality UK stories as compared to the US stories -- at a time when most readers would likely not have even known of the existence of the UK book.

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