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Shout! Factory is the current rights holder of the original Transformers 1980s television series after taking over the aborted Sony Wonder plans for releasing the first season on DVD. The Company has since (As of January, 2010) released the first two seasons of the series in three DVD sets, as well as the entire series in the Matrix of Leadership Box Set.

Shout! Factory has taken great lengths to correct the errors and omissions from the Kid Rhino DVD sets by using the original soundtrack from the broadcast master tapes as well as using scenes taken from these masters (as a result, footage taken from them look much softer than the rest of the remastered footage). All the additional effects added by Rhino where also removed.

Fan reaction toward the Shout! Factory releases so far have been very positive, with many praising the faithfulness to the original broadcasts. This is in contrast to the Kid Rhino release, which have become much derided in the fandom due to numerous errors (due to the use of pre-broadcast masters riddled with missing or wrong animation) and unwanted additions (new effects to mask missing ones and a new soundtrack).