Showdown in the Sea is the twenty-first episode of Beast Wars II. It first aired in Japan on September 02, 1998 on TV Tokyo.




At the pirate ship, the Seacons are watching the monitor as Galvatron delivers an ultimatum. Galvatron orders them to help the Destrons destroy the Cybertrons or face his wrath. After ending the transmission, the Seacons cry so much that they sink their ship. (Note: They didn't sink the ship permanently. This was meant as purely humor).

On the beach, Bighorn continues to pine for Scylle. As he dreams of Scylle, he appears to see Scylle in robot mode standing on a jagged cliff hanging over the ocean. Bighorn runs to her and prepares to give her a giant hug. The hug shatters what proves to be a decoy. As Tasmanian Kid climbs up onto the cliff to talk to Bighorn, Apache and Lioconvoy try to talk him out of his love-struck phase. As Bighorn continues to pine, Seaphantom's fin appears on the ocean surface and slices the cliff that Bighorn and Kid are standing on. The cliff section falls into the ocean and floats away from shore, with Bighorn and Kid still on it. Bighorn is unshaken and wants to run to the Seacons to find Scylle. Kid tries to stop him, but Bighorn knocks them both into the ocean.

Just off the floating rock, Scuba and Diver rescue the Cybertrons. While Scuba balances Bighorn on his chest, Scylle grabs him from underneath and flips the trio over so that she's on top and Bighorn is undewater. Scylle and Bighorn flip around several times untiil Scylle shakes Bighorn off Scuba. On the moon, Artemis and Moon are concerned about the Seacons' attack, so Moon transforms to robot mode and heads to Gaea. Meanwhile, the Seacons continue to attack Kid, Diver, and Bighorn in the water. Lioconvoy flies off into the sea to join the fray.

Flying over the sea, Lioconvoy is pulled down into the water by Halfshell. Apache follows soon afterwards, and become angry when he sees Lioconvoy severely hurt. The anger causes Apache to transform into his battle station mode and he blasts Halfshell away. When Apache recovers his energy from using that much power, he attends to Lioconvoy. The two are soon attacked by Coelagon. On the ship, Moon has arrived and decides to use the Seacon flag to deliver a message. Scuba, meanwhile, manages to slip Scylle's grasp as he sprays his blank ink defense. In his escape, Scuba uses his tenticles to grab the rest of the Cybertrons from the Seacons' grasps. Angered, the Seacons merge to form God Neptune. God Neptune uses his sword to create a surge through the ocean to seperate the slab of earth that the Cybertron are on from the rest of the solid land. As they are about to strike again, Insectrons Big Mos and Tonbot return and attack God Neptune. As God Neptune recovers from his damage, the Insectrons carry Lioconvoy over to him. Lioconvoy performs his "Lion Typhoon" (spinning his mane) and creates a waterspout that tears God Neptune into his components.

Back on dry land, the Cybertrons thank the Insectrons for their assistance and wonder how they knew their friends were in danger. Big Mos reveals that they saw a flag....a Seacon flag. Back on the Gaean moon, Moon brags about how he helped save the Cybertrons by alerting the Insectrons with the flag.


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Note: All characters are listed in order of their first appearances in the episode. The time they appear is the time from the Japanese dub..

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