Sideburn's Obsession is the seventh episode of Robots in Disguise. It first aired in the United States on September 15, 2001 on Fox Kids.



The Predacons use Side Burn's appetites against him.


It all starts with Side Burn chasing down a weird looking red sports car. Prowl tries to stop them but loses them. Side Burn follows the car into a junkyard and is shocked and upset to discover that the red sports car is actually Megatron. (Which brings up an interesting point, does Side Burn care about the car's gender?) The Predacons apparently know about his taste in red sports cars and used it to trick him. Side Burn is then captured by the Predacons and is now part of their evil plan. The next day Optimus and Side Burn's brothers are all worried that he hasn't checked in and go out to search for him. They are stopped by the Predacons who leave a message that if they want to see Side Burn again, Optimus has to go get him alone. Optimus decides to go, against the wishes of his soldiers who know it's a trap. Meanwhile Koji is with his friend Carl and Carl's father at a car crushing facility. The Predacons attack and order them to leave. As they run, Koji spots Side Burn as their prisoner and stays to see if he can help. Inside the Predacons tell Side Burn their plot. They're going to use Side Burn to lure Optimus into a trap and then hand him over to Megatron. Back at the base Prowl and X-Brawn convince T-AI to send the Spychangers to help Optimus. The two brothers decide to help out by going in disguise. Sadly it doesn't seem that Prowl has any imagination (he's wearing a NO ENTRY bib and holding a NO ENTRY sign while asking his brother to guess who he is) and X-Brawn tells him that it's the dumbest disguise he has ever seen. Thankfully X-Brawn has imagination...but no taste; he and Prowl wind up in vehicle mode but covered in goofy looking paint jobs (Prowl still is wearing the NO ENTRY bib on his car hood & the NO ENTRY sign on his trunk). Meanwhile, Slapper is curious to why Side Burn is into red sport cars. Side Burn then tells a romantic tale of when he was a classic blue sports car, how he met a red sports car, & how they were madly in love. After the red sports car accidentally drove off a cliff, Side Burn was left all alone. (This is why he can't help but chase red sports cars when he sees one.) Now Slapper is a feeling sorry for him, particularly looking incredulous after hearing how, when Side Burn was just a young tricycle, a red tricycle was his first love. Unfortunately, the red tricycle's family moved away, & Side Burn never saw her again.) Of course, as an irritated Sky-Byte reminds them, Side Burn is from Cybertron and was never a classic blue sports car or a tricycle. Sideburn made everything up. Optimus finally arrives and, even though Side Burn tries to warn him, is captured in Energon ropes. Outside, Prowl and X-Brawn arrive and witness Megatron arriving. Fortunately he doesn't notice them and goes inside the building. Inside, Sky-Byte hands over Optimus, and Megatron uses this moment to use the helpless Autobot leader as a punching bag. (Low, Megatron, even for you.) Outside, Prowl and X-Brawn need a plan to help their brother and leader. They spot Koji and contact him through his phone. Prowl asks him to switch on the magnetic machine so he can get into the building unnoticed. As the machine lifts him into the air the Predacons all agree that Prowl is one ugly car. As Prowl lands on the conveyor belt: "PROWL TRANSFORM" and blasts the machine which powered the Energon ropes, freeing Optimus and Side Burn. X-Brawn and the Spychangers suddenly show up and Optimus and Side Burn decide that it's time for payback. After defeating the Predacons, Side Burn apologises and says he'll never chase a red sports car again. Sadly (and very predictably), the moment he promises this a red sports car whizzes by and he chases it screaming that he loves it.


In the episode


English dub changes


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Autobots Predacons Humans Others


  • Carl (13)
  • Carl's father (14)


Written by: Richard Epcar

Notable quotes

"Oh baby, you're looking fine, you know I can't resist a red sportscar!"

Side Burn, admiring Megatron's ass.

"Oh man, what a downer."

Side Burn, realizing the sportscar he's been admiring is actually Megatron in disguise.

"Sometimes you're as stubborn as a Packbot!"

X-Brawn, on Side Burn

"I know it's not right to seek revenge. Think we should just turn the other fender, maybe cut 'em a break?"
"Let's teach these creeps a lesson they won't forget!"
"Works for me!"

Side Burn and Optimus Prime

"It's payback time fishbreath! Have a blast!"

Side Burn right before he blasts Sky Byte


Animation and/or technical glitches

Continuity errors

Transformers references

Miscellaneous trivia

  • Side Burn's name is incorrectly spelled as one word in the episode title.
  • The red car Side Burn chases at the end of the episode has a license plate 97-99.








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