The Six Clan is a clan of the Transformers from Japanese Generation One continuity.
Sixshot modes

I'm a ninja, not Multiple Man!

The Six Clan (シックス一族 Sikkusu Ichizoku) is a clan of the Six Changer ninja, which means those Transformers have six alt modes and are able to perform the Ninjutsu.

By the way, the Six Clan secretly reigns over the galaxy. Kowabunga![1] This may-or-may-not be related to Sixshot holding the Evil Matrix. Who knows?

Known members

  • Sixshot - The Ninja Staff Officer (忍者参謀 Ninja Sanbō) in Japanese Generation One continuity only
  • Sixknight - The Ninja Knight (忍者騎士 Ninja Kishi)
  • Greatshot - The Secret Staff Officer (隠密参謀 Onmitsu Sanbō)

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