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Sixliner is a Micromaster-composed super robot from the Return of Convoy and Micromaster Collection portions of the Generation One continuity family.
G1Sixliner art1

Hey, what'd I do to YO - oh, those are wrist-guns. Or so you say.

Along with Grandus and Sky Garry, Sixliner helped search for the corpse of Optimus Prime so that he could be reborn and combat the evil of Dark Nova.

He is the younger brother of Sixtrain.

In an alternate timeline/universe, Sixliner has blended into human society along with the other Micromasters, and fights against the evil Decepticon Micromasters when they threaten cities.

He is made up of six Micromasters:


The Battlestars

Micromaster Collection story


Return of Convoy

  • Sixliner (1991)
Japanese ID number: C-370

Micromaster Collection

  • Sixliner (Micromaster, 2002)
In 2002, the entire Sixliner team was re-released as part of the Micromaster Collection, in individual boxes with a number visible to show which mold was inside each box. For this release, all of the decals from the original version were replaced with paint applications. Sixliner could only be assembled by buying all six compnents individually, he was never offered as a complete set.

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