Skullcruncher is both slow on his feet and slow on his wits. He has a nasty habit of grinding his teeth before attacking his foes, making a noise so loud and obnoxious it tips the enemy Autobots off to his whereabouts instantly. Because of this personality defect, few Decepticons wish to be partnered anywhere near him.

What Skullcruncher does do efficiently is eat. While he thinks they taste rather yucky, Skullcruncher will gleefully scarf down as many Autobots as he can during battle, often ceasing to fight until he's finished chewing his meal. He wouldn't want to choke or anything.

Skullcruncher is binary-bonded to the Nebulon Grax.

Japanese name: Skull, Grax (see below)
Italian name: Spaccaossa ("Bonebreaker")
French name (Canada): Broyeur


Marvel comics continuity

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

Skullcruncher was one of the Decepticons serving under Scorponok on Cybertron. He enjoyed herding hapless Autobot prisoners into the smelting pools. He didn't enjoy Fortress Maximus and his Autobot group turning up and spoiling their fun. Ring of Hate Skullcruncher later accompanied Scorponok to Nebulos in pursuit of their Autobot rivals. Launching an attack on a Nebulan city, they had their first encounter with the Autobot Headmasters and were quickly routed. Broken Glass Skullcruncher spent the next few days using his anti-gravity gun to help Scorponok with an over-complicated scheme to float Nebulan prisoners into space. When Scorponok decided to use the Nebulans as Headmaster partners instead, Skullcruncher was among those who underwent the process. When they next encountered the Autobots, they were more evenly matched although Skullcruncher still suffered the indignity of having Fortress Maximus hurl him at Scorponok. He was, however, canny enough to join the other Decepticons in gunning down the Autobots when they were looking the other way. Love and Steel With the Autobot Headmasters out of action, he took part in the routing of the Autobots guarding the Mercury Gardens. Brothers in Armour

Skullcruncher was later among the Decepticons who ambushed a group of Autobot Headmasters led by Highbrow who were en route to rescue their Targetmaster comrades. He at least had an excuse for being routed this time, since the battle was only intended to convince them they weren't walking into a trap. Worlds Apart

Skullcruncher and the other Decepticons later followed Fortress Maximus' group to Earth. Searching for their rivals, they instead found Spike Witwicky. When the Autobots arrived, the ensueing battle resulted in Spike gaining control of Fortress Maximus and Skullcruncher getting to practise running away again. Trial by Fire He was later part of the group led by Misfire who pursued Highbrow in order to recover Scorponok's head. Skullcruncher was prevented from finishing off Highbrow when Fortress Maximus blasted Weirdwolf on top of him but the arrival of Rodimus Prime's Autobots from the future and the resulting Autobot v Autobot smackdown gave the party the time to reconnect Scorponok's head. However, Skullcruncher sat out the rest of the incident when he and five others were shunted into limbo to make way for Soundwave and the Terrorcons following Rodimus Prime back through time. Time Wars

Skullcruncher was among the Decepticons who accompanied Scorponok to a meeting with Ratbat, to try and persuade him to unite their two groups. When they found out that Ratbat and Starscream were seeking the Underbase, however, they decided to try and obtain it themselves. Ratbat objected and a fight broke out between the two Decepticon factions. Cold War After Starscream had stolen Scorponok's ship in the confusion, Skullcruncher took refuge in Ratbat's damaged base with the other survivors of the battle. Dark Star

He was loitering nearby when Scorponok was giving orders to the Pretenders, perhaps wondering why he no longer seemed to be on Scorponok's A-list. King Con He accompanied Scorponok to the MacDill Air Base to bail the Air Strike Patrol out of trouble with the Autobots The Resurrection Gambit! and took part in a large melee against a solitary Optimus Prime All the Familiar Faces. He also participated in the battle with Starscream and his Pretender shell but like the other Decepticons (not counting Scorponok) was hit by Starscream's gun blast alongside Bomb-Burst. Skin Deep

American cartoon continuity

Skullcruncher was one of the many new Decepticons from around the universe gathered by Galvatron to go after the Plasma Energy Chamber in 2007. The Rebirth, Part 1 He later accompanied Scourge and Cyclonus to the planet Nebulos (Nebulon? Whatever). His honored leaders then volunteered him to have his head ripped off and stuffed with organic material. Remarkably, this somehow increased his combat skills. The Rebirth, Part 2

Japanese animated continuity

Note: "Skull" is the name for the combined small head-robot and transtector body. When separated from the large, lifeless robot body, the head unit was called Grax.

The Headmasters

The Headmasters manga continuity

IDW comics continuity

Stormbringer2 NebulosDecepticons1

Skullcruncher, shortly before departing for Burning Man

Skullcruncher was part of the Nebulos infiltration unit, working for Darkwing and Dreadwind when Thunderwing attacked the planet. Stormbringer issue 2 Skullcruncher was less than enthused with the idea of attacking the giant Pretender, but Darkwing insisted they make a showing of protecting their investment in order to avoid Megatron's wrath. Skullcruncher rolled out with Ruckus, Crankcase and Roadgrabber, but was vapourised by an energy blast from Thunderwing. Darkwing and Dreadwind fled Nebulous shortly thereafter. Stormbringer issue 3


Generation One

  • Skullcruncher (Headmaster, 1987)
    • Japanese ID number: D-58
    • Accessories: Grax Headmaster unit, gun and sword/tail
Skullcruncher transforms into a green and pink robotic crocodile, at least according to his packaging, his head implies he's actually an alligator. Skullcruncher includes one of the most bizarre alt-mode cockpits among the Headmasters for his partner Grax, a small molded seat at the back of his alt-mode mouth below the large canopy that serves as this mode's eyes, his entire upper jaw serving as the hatch to access it. Grax had better hope Skullcruncher does not get hungry in this mode.

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