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This article is about Sky-Byte, a Predacon active during G2 . For the original Sky-Byte from the Robots in Disguise franchise, see Sky-Byte (RID).
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Sky-Byte is a Quintesson-built Predacon in a Timelines addition to the Generation 2 continuity family.

Sky-Byte is a poet, a warrior, and a shark. He's also an ally of Clench. He also commands hordes of Sharkticons. He may or may not imagine situations with super deformed versions of his comarades in a hilariously disturbing manner.


Generation 2 Redux comicEdit

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  • Generation 2 Redux (Multi-pack, 2010)
A remold of the Energon Sharkticon toy, he was available as part of a boxed set with Clench, Breakdown, Spark, and Streetstar at Botcon 2010.

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