The name or term Sky Lynx refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Sky Lynx (disambiguation).
Ew skylynx

Only slightly more faaabulous than the ORIGINAL Sky Lynx.

Sky Lynx is a Decepticon from an unspecified continuity family.

Sky Lynx is a pretty mysterious dude. Nobody seems to know anything about him - but armed with his deadly thermoguns and repulsor beams, he is certainly a threat to the Autobots.


3D Battle-Card Game

  • Sky Lynx (2007)
A 30-point "rare" character in the 3D Battle-Card Game's "Energon Wars" expansion, Sky Lynx "transforms" into a pinkish-purple Cybertronian jet fighter. He uses the same parts layout as Movie Megatron.


  • Given Sky Lynx's styling, it's possible he's from the Movie-verse, but it's unlikely we will ever get any kind of fiction to tell us "where" he's actually from. He also seems to have a few visual cues from Misfire.

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