The Sky Platform is a floating sub orbital station that serves as a mobile outpost as it hangs in the sky of a planet. It is a device of Decepticon design.


Generation One cartoon continuity

The Sky Platform served as Megatron's base of operations; he tasked the Constructicons with building an energy transductor into the platform in order to use the device's ability to manipulate a planet's electromagnetic field to produce energon. However, he required an Energy Formula from Hybrid Technologies to accomplish this task.

The tower that held the energy transductor was destroyed by Astoria, who used the formula to stop the energy storm the tower generated that prevented Powerglide from approaching the platform. After this was done, the Decepticons abandoned the platform as it started falling into the sea. However, Powerglide repaired the platform and altered its course so it would crash into Decepticon Headquarters, which, much to Megatron's dismay, didn't have a forcefield; the base's hull was damaged and it was flooded with water. Megatron tasked his forces to clean up the mess.... The Girl Who Loved Powerglide

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