Skyburst is an Autobot Commander from the Power Core Combiners series.

To be given command of one of the first Autobot Power Core teams is a great honor — one that Skyburst isn’t sure he deserves. He uses his enhanced abilities to execute search and rescue operations in conditions too dangerous for human crews — or even other Autobots. Together with his drone companions, Skyburst protects the skies from the Decepticons threat.


  • Skyburst with Arielbots (Commander, 2010)
Skyburst transforms into a stealth jet. Like Huffer, he has a very easy transformation. In combiner mode, the Arielbots attach via the blue pegs. One of the complaints with this figure's combined mode is that he doesn't really have hands, just claws.
Skyburst was later repainted into Darkstream.
  • Skyburst with Aerialbots (value pack, 2010)

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