This article is about the Autobot Ultra Pretender. For the Mini-Con A-10 plane, see Skyhammer (Universe).

Skyhammer is the very model of the ideal Autobot warrior. He's a courageous defender of the weak, a tenacious and clever warrior, and an unflappable optimist. It's too bad he's also an inconsiderate, overbearing jerk. He can't offer advice to anyone without delivering a long lecture in the most condescending tone possible - using himself, of course, as an example to strive towards. He's so grating and unpleasant that his fellow Autobots are reluctant to follow his orders - even when he's right, which he usually is.


Skyhammer has chosen not to appear in any fiction, until the perfect medium comes along to capture his magnificence.


Generation One

  • Skyhammer (Ultra Pretender, 1989)
    • Accessories: Gun, 2 x missiles
G1 Skyhammer toy

"I'm showing you my handsome humanoid face JUST for you.*winks*"

Skyhammer's inner robot transforms into a Cybertronic car. It can also fit inside the humanoid shell, or sit in the cockpit of the shell's hoverjet/landspeeder form. The humanoid shell has a flip-down visor. Both robot and shell fit inside the second shell, a large (non-transforming) Cybertronic flying fortress. Skyhammer can man the turret emplacement on the dorsal area of the flying fortress, while the large double cannons on the bow can pivot in a wide arc.
Catalogues showed Skyhammer as being colored blue-and-red instead of gold-and-red. This presumed change between prototype and actual toy has led to Skyhammer being known to suffer from Gold Plastic Syndrome.
Interestingly, Skyhammer is lying on his back when he stored in his humanoid shell, and the shell is also lying on its back when it is stored inside the flying fortress shell.

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