Skyjack is a Decepticon Cyberjet in the Generation 2 portion of the Generation One continuity family.
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Skyjack is a master spy who should never be trusted. He'll toast your health one moment and blast you in the back the next. Rumors swirl about Autobot sympathies and meetings with Optimus Prime himself, but that may very well be simply part of his cover and the web of lies that he surrounds himself with. In his free time he's been known to use human cars as target practice together with his mentor Dreadwing.


Japanese G2 mini-comics

During the Generation 2 battles, Optimus Prime and Volt were trying to remain hidden from the enemy. Skyjack managed to sneak up behind them using his advanced cloaking technology which was able to fool even the Autobots' anti-aircraft sensors. Skyjack blasted the two Autobots then escaped to inform Megatron of their location.

Comics Bom Bom manga "The Earth is in Danger!"

In the year 199X, the Decepticons came to Earth to plunder its forestonite, a newly discovered super energy source. The Decepticon Cyberjets made their presence known when they attacked the Japan Self-Defense Force airshow and began shooting at the humans in the crowd for the fun of it. Space Case was about to kill Junpei when Electro arrived to save the boy. The Cyberjets teamed up on Electro and wounded him badly. However, Electro managed to deliver a fatal-looking blow to Sky Jack, slicing off a good portion of his body and causing him to explode.

IDW comics continuity

Skyjack was one of several prisoners held by Fortress Maximus and his staff at Garrus-9. He had been disassembled and reduced to just his spark for storage. His crime is unknown. Spotlight: Arcee


Generation 2

  • Skyjack (Cyberjet, 1995)
Japanese ID number: TRF-7
Skyjack's vehicle mode is based on the Lockheed F-117A Nighthawk, colored in black with red on the trailing edges of the wings and tailfins. Like his fellow Cyberjet Hooligan, he has a missile launcher on the dorsal side of his airplane mode which becomes the right arm of the robot.
Generation 2 Cyberjets Air Raid and Aero Raid are redecos of Skyjack. More recently, the mold has been used for Universe Air Raid, and Robot Masters Delta Seeker.


  • Skyjack's deco includes stickers which read "FB-117". While not the official U.S. Air Force designation for the plane, an "FB" (Fighter Bomber) designator, although non-standard, would be appropriate for the F-117A in real life, since the aircraft is often used in a strike bomber role similar to the now-retired FB-111.

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