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Skystalker is a Decepticon from the Revenge of the Fallen portion of the live-action film series continuity family.

"Your father was a Jedi by the name of Anakin Skystalk--um...Skywalker..."

Skystalker is a cunning and stealthy Decepticon and favours assassination to full on battles. He uses his stealth abilities to swoop down to his target without a sound and sneak up on his target and strike him down with his two, razor sharp axes. But sometimes, if he has no choice, he will launch a full on attack. Firing barrages of missiles and laser fire.

His partner in crime is Mindwipe, a Decepticon that also favours stealth to brute force.

Unite for the Universe.

—Stay down...or I'll PUT you down!, Skystalker to Ironhide


Unite for the Universe


Skystalker was brought in by Starscream on the Nemesis to gather scrap Decepticons for his plans for the "UNITE" formula. He headed to the NEST N.B.E. resource redistribution plant in Toronto, Canada. Stored here were the wrecks of Off-line Decepticons. Skystalker attacked Ironhide, launching missiles and firing his cannons, he then swooped down and bombed the Autobot injuring him. He then came down and transformed, but was surprised to see that Ironhide was still alive. He attached devices to the Off-line Decepticon husks and, to Ironhide's amazement, disappeared with the Husks. He had teleported back to base. Unite for the Universe issue 1


Later, Skystalker attacked Sea Spray and Breacher. Sea Spray made a break for dry land, Sideswipe was then brought to them by helicopters towing him. Sea Spray transformed, and launched Breacher who blasted the Decepticon, causing him to crash into the ocean. Unite for the Universe issue 2


Revenge of the Fallen

  • Skystalker (Scout, 2009)
    • Accessories: 2x axes
Released as part of the last wave of Revenge of the Fallen Scout figures, Skystalker transforms into a Stealth UAV with the number 808 on each side of his hull.
In humanoid mode, he has a head design featuring one optic and two "horns", much like Shockwave. His axes are disguised in the tips of his wings. They can be clipped onto his wrists using the C joints, or can be pegged into his palm with a peg. He has spring-loaded feat that close when not on a hard surface. They spread on contact.
He features a third "gerwalk" mode, basically a halfway transformation between vehicle and robot similar to the Guardian mode featured in the Robotech series.
Under his wing are two pegs, which correspond with two ports on the top of Mindwipe, allowing Skystalker to attach to him. He has one landing wheel in his nose.
This mold was also used to make Sunspot and the Tokyo Toy Show exclusive Generation 2 Smokescreen.


  • Like Megatron, Skystalker's head becomes a visible part of the vehicle mode.
  • Instead of the beige of the released figure, most of Skystalker's humanoid mode was originally going to be gun-metal-grey.