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The name or term Slag refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Slag (disambiguation).
Slagmaker cannons are a weapon in the Beast Era.

A Slagmaker Cannon is a generic term[1] for any weapon that generates levels of heat intense enough to melt armor and circuitry- reducing it to useless slag. The term has thus far(Jul-19-08) only been used in the Beast Era.

The term may be a reference (of sorts) to the original Megatron, whose Fusion Cannon earned him the nom de guerre "The Slag-Maker."[2]

Users of Slagmaker cannons include,

  • Terragator — His tail converts to a Slagmaker Cannon, in this case a directed-heat weapon that completely melts his enemies' exostructure.
  • Ramulus — In robot mode his horns function as a "Slagmaker" cannon[3] that melts anything in its path. Ramulus seems to consider this weapon's designation more affectionate or "unofficial," since it is an ad hoc (but effective) adaption of a system not designed for that purpose.[4]


  1. The Beast Wars Sourcebook describes the Slagmaker cannons used by Ramulus and Terragator as having completely different operating principles.
  2. Megatron's bio from Marvel's Universe profiles #2 (1986)
  3. Ramulus's weapon is simply called a "Double Slagmaker Cannon" in his tech-spec.
  4. In 3H's "Wreckers" comics Ramulus's cannon is a modified tachyon gun. In IDW's Beast Wars comics it is a kludge-job using plasma-generator nodes to let the structure of his horns (a sensory apparatus) instead focus balls of white-hot plasma.

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