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This article is about Slog from live-action movie continuity. For the G1 Decepticon, see Slog (G1).

Slog is the biggest Dinobot who transform into Apatosaurus. It's size which could reach few miles, would also dwarfs other transformers. He does not directly appear in Transformers: Age of Extinction film. However, seeing that the other Dinobots (Grimlock, Scorn, Slug, and Strafe) that did appear were presumably created and then collected by the creators in the opening scene of the film, it is highly likely that Slog was one of the long necked Apatosauruses seen trying to evade the blast, but was nonetheless struck by the exploding "seed" which transforms all biological life into Transformium. Transformium-the stuff Transformers are made of, only needs a spark of life (Matrix of Leadership, The Cube, a shard of the cube, Energon supplies as seen with the hatchlings in Revenge of the Fallen, or even human technology-such as that used by KSI) to bring its shell (Transformer body) to life. Seeing that all of these are ever present in the movie continuity, it is more likely than not, that Slog was created along with the other 4.


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Transformers: Age of Extinction Generation Voyager Class Slog

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