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The name or term Smokescreen refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Smokescreen (disambiguation).
Smokescreen is an Autobot from the Universe conflict.

Smokescreen loves to build. It doesn't even really matter what; architecture to artistic sculptures, Smokescreen's creations fill him with joy. Unfortunately, his creations are in constant danger from the Decepticon Ransack, who seems to have made it his personal mission in life to ruin everything Smokescreen has done.

Smokescreen's Mini-Con partner appears to be an alternate-universe incarnation of Liftor.


3H Universe comics

A presumably alternate-universe incarnation of Armada Smokecsreen is shown in a death-duel with a presumably alternate-universe incarnation of Generation One Smokescreen within the Cauldron arena. Both robots' minds corrupted by Unicron, crane-Smokescreen killed car-Smokescreen, gaining in power, while Unicron fed off the defeated robot's released spark.

It is possible that this Smokescreen would have turned out to be Universe Smokescreen had the comic series continued.



  • Smokescreen with Liftor vs. Ransack with Refute (Battle in a Box, 2004)
Smokescreen transforms into a heavy Cybertronic truck with a large crane boom and tow-cable. Flipping a switch on his back end connects the tow-cable spool to his rear axle, reeling in the cable as he rolls in vehicle mode. Attaching a Mini-Con to the Powerlinx plug on his crane boom allows it to extend and unfold to almost three times its original length, forming a huge spring-loaded missile launcher.
Smokescreen was only available in a "market six" Battle in a Box set with his Mini-Con partner Liftor, against the Decepticon Ransack and his Mini-Con Refute.

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