Smolder is a Decepticon Commander from the Power Core Combiners and the live-action film series.

No one holds a grudge like Smolder. He plots elaborate revenge against his hundreds of enemies, and thanks to his combination with Chopster, he’s got the power to see each of them through.


Cyber Missions

Smolder arrived in his vehicle mode. He had Chopster to spread the fire on a burning building. Chopster later ran to him to help him fight Bumblebee and Ratchet. Bumblebee shot Chopster off of Smolder. Smolder then ordered Chopster to transform into an axe and threw him at Bumblebee. Bumblebee dodged and defeated Chopster. Smolder tackled Bumblebee down on the road. Suddenly, Ratchet shot Smolder and defeated the Decepticon. Cyber Missions 9


  • Smolder with Chopster (Commander, 2010)
Smolder transforms into a fire service truck. Smolder can transform into a "water" cannon, that pegs on the top. In humanoid mode, he has a very fireman looking head design. Chopster transforms into an axe that Smolder can hold.
In combined form, he has quite a friendly face, not the typical Decepticon style. And like the other Power Core Combiners Mini-Cons, Chopster turns into armour, his cannon arms are positioned like turrets when plugged on to Smolder's chest.