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This article is about the G.I. Joe vehicle. For the Armada Decepticon Cyclonus/Snow Cat, see Cyclonus (Armada).
Snow cat bh

Thankfully, this one doesn't yodel like a weirdo.

The Snow Cat is G.I. Joe's principal arctic assault vehicle.


Devil's Due G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers continuity

Monstructor once threw a Snow Cat into the path of Windmill's Skystorm X-Wing Chopper. Neither vehicle survived.

Known specifications

Designed primarily for indirect combat, the Snow Cat functions as an Multiple-Launch Rocket System (MLRS), equipped with four "Shockwave" electronic HE-27 (high explosive) 270-pound missiles mounted in a rotating launch turret, and two ski-mounted "Avalanche" low-pressure, high-speed missiles.

Powering the Snow Cat is a 9-litre, 680-horsepower direct-ignition engine mounted on a transaxle assembly. A powerful half-track system allows it tackle the roughest terrain, and can be modified to run as an all-weather vehicle.


  • The name and vehicle mode of Energon Snow Cat is a homage to this G.I. Joe vehicle.

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