Sonic is a Decepticon who appears in the IDW portion of the Generation 1 continuity family.

Sonic and his brother Boom are Genericons. Simple foot soldiers. But, together, he and his brother combine to form "Sonic Boom", a devastatingly powerful Sound Bomb.

Sonic unwisely taunts the officer.

—Look who it is, Orion Pax - Supercop!


IDW Generation 1 Continuity

More Than Meets The Eye

On Cybertron, before the war, Sonic and Boom worked as a press gang for the Relinquishment Clinics, rounding up any circuit booster addicted, Energon syphoning low life they could find. On one of there outings they stumble across, Drift, currently down on his luck and high on Circuit boosters. They start beating him up before Orion Pax interrupts them, and after a bit of a scuffle, he arrests them both.


Sonic and Boom in their sound bomb mode.

Four million years later, after becoming Decepticons, Sonic and Boom fell into paid service with the Autobot medic Pharma. They surrendered themselves the Autobot Medics at Delphi and claim to be Monoformers with a branched spark. Once locked up together, they combined into their alternate form a "Sound Bomb". They unleashed a blast designed by Pharma to infect the patients of Delphi with Red Rust Virus, those who heard it would strt to corrode next time they transformed.

After receiving a covert message from First Aid, a medic at Delphi, Ratchet, Pipes and Drift arrived to investigate this viral outbreak. Pharma released the two Genericons to take care of them. Sonic and Boom cornered the Autobots in a repair bay, claiming they wanted revenge for being in Autobot custody for so long. Unfortunately they didn't count on facing a recently awoken Fortress Maximus, who promptly tore Sonic in half, then crushed Boom's head in one of his chest plates.

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