Space-Age Jack is a TV show in the Generation One continuity family. YO JACK!

Space-Age Jack is a human television program. It appears to focus on a conflict between a military organization and an opposing group of lizard-men. Any resemblance between this program and actual events is no doubt purely coincidental.


The Transformers cartoon

When the Quintessons introduced subliminal messages into the television signals picked up by the Junkions, these signals ended up being rebroadcast via the Junkions' omnidirectional relay to the entire galaxy.

The Space-Age Jack program was thus seen on the planet Delta Pavonis IV. As a result, its cat-like humanoid inhabitants came under the influence of a subliminal message. This caused them to view all other life forms as their enemies and launch an attack on a species of dog-like humanoids. The Big Broadcast of 2006

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