This article is about the Decepticon from Dark of the Moon. For the Decepticon from Generation 2, see Space Case (G2).
Space Case is a Decepticon from the Dark of the Moon portion of the live-action film series continuity family.

Space Case is fast. Really, really fast. His speed is the only reason he hasn't been blown out of the sky, because his malfunctioning mind is only slightly more complex than an average rock. He believes his survival is due to the glyphs etched on his armor, but really it's just hard to hit a target as quick as him.


Exclusive comic

The story begins with Space Case having a dream where he is flying super fast over a desert. He then wakes up and is trapped inside of a cave's ceiling. He breaks out and retrieves his trident from the floor. Then, Arcee, Bumblebee and Sam walk into the cave and encounter Space Case.

They battle and Space Case manages to escape out to the open space and gazes into the sky.


Space Case (Target exclusive Deluxe, 2011)

  • Accessories: Trident.
Space Case is a retooling of the Transformers Terradive with a new head sculpt. The main body of the figure is now moulded almost completely out of opaque blue plastic, with Cyberglyphics painted all over him.
The figure is packaged with a small exclusive comic, published by IDW.


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