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Bios card SPACE

Hey, look. The Earth is blue and there's nothing we can do.

The Space Mini-Con Team is one of the most sought-after groups of Mini-Cons. Not simply because they are all strong warriors with zero-gravity operational skills, but mainly because the three combine to form the Requiem Blaster, one of the legendary Mini-Con weapons whose destructive power maximums have yet to be calculated.

The Space Mini-Con Team is composed of:

  • Payload the rocket-transport truck.


Armada animeEdit

Arm30 nothingtoseehere

Who are you meant to be?

Blasts or power surges from the Space Team Mini-Cons (individually or collectively) have the peculiar effect of 'shaping' nearby sources of water. The effects include sudden upswells, or in a case where the Requiem Blaster has been fired, a swirling wall of 'standing water' that can hold back the ocean for several minutes after a blast. Desperate

I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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  • Space Mini-Con Team (Mini-Cons, 2003)
Japanese ID number: MM-13
The Space Team was first released as a three-pack in the Armada line. The three toys can combine into the Requiem Blaster, which can be held by most Transformers that use 5mm peg-holes, or can be attached via Powerlinx plugs.
The entire team was completely re-cast as new molds as part of the second wave of Kabaya's Change Micron series, individually-available versions of the Team.
This mold-set was used to make the Deep Space Mini-Con Team.
  • X-Dimension Space Micron (Mini-Cons, 2003)
Japanese ID number: MM-14
A somewhat more limited-edition -but still regular retail- redeco of the Space Team was released by Takara as part of the X-Dimension Mini-Cons. This set uses a primarily green and brown deco, an interestingly ground-based choice for a space-based team.


  • Ultra Magnus (Ultra-Con , 2004)
The Space Mini-Con Team was redecoed and added to the Energon Ultra Magnus. The original Hasbro packaging does not reflect this, as the Space Team replaced a planned redeco of the Street Speed Mini-Con Team as the new characters Brakedown, Clocker and Override. Later releases in Japan covered the relevant portions of the box with a sticker.

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