Space Pirate Seasons! is the eighteenth episode of Beast Wars II. It first aired in Japan on August 05, 1998 on TV Tokyo.




During a late night on Gaea, Artemis is brushing her teeth at her moon base. As she looks into the viewing monitor, she's shocked to see a pirate ship cruising towards Gaea. The Maximals are alerted and take the shuttles to investigate as the pirate ships lands in a Gaean ocean.

On the ship, the space pirates introduce themselves. Lead by the sinister turtle Halfshell, the remaining Seacons are Coelagon (a fish), Scylle (a female squid), Seaphanton (a shark), and Terrormander (a manta ray). The Seacons head underwater to search for buried treasure, and end up finding a buried ancient building.

Meanwhile, the Maximals are looking at the ship from a cliff facing the ocean. A love-lorn Bighorn contemplates about not having anyone, and then sees a red flower. His rage builds and he charges straight into the ocean! In response, the Maximals fish him out. As Bighorn recovers, Lio Convoy orders Diver and Scuba to investigate the Seacons' actions. At the ruins, the Seacons are taking loads of Angolmois Energy from a well within the ruins and filling them into cannisters. Scylle ventues off and finds Scuba and Diver spying. Instead of calling out an alarm, Scylle finds Scuba handsome (both Scylle and Scuba are squids, albeit different looking). Not knowing what the Seacons are after, Scuba sprays the blank ink of a squid and the Maximals escape.

At the cliff, Tasmanian Kid is fishing with a line attached to his tail. Scuba and Diver surface and inform Kid and Bighorn of their find. Soon, Kid has a bite on his line. Bighorn helps pull up the line, and Halfshell is attached! Halfshell chases the four Maximals as they run towards Lioconvoy and Apache. Halfshell then fires on all the Cybertrons, but they avoid the fire by hiding behind a rock outcrop. While the rest of the Maximals attend to Halfshell, Diver and Scuba head underwater once again.

The Maximals surround Halfshell and fire on him. A huge cloud of smoke appears and the Maximals assume they've finished Halfshell. As the smoke clears, he has spun into a circular buzzsaw and starts to chase them. He then calls out to the rest of his brethren. As the Seacons arrive, they combine to form...God Neptune, who swipes at the Maximals with his sword, slicing the rock outcrops with his mighty swipes. His attention is soon distracted as they see Scuba and Diver in control of their ship. As he swims out to the ship, God Neptune swipes the sword into the water and creates a tidal wave to shake the duo out. It doesn't work, but Diver and Scuba flee as God Neptune approaches. As he reaches the ship, the Angolmois Energy explodes and the Seacons separate as they fly apart into the ocean.

As Diver and Scuba surface and the Maximals discuss the future of their war against the Predacons and now the Seacons, Halfshell lays wounded on the ocean bed and vows revenge.

New Predacons: Coelagon, Halfshell, Seaphantom, Scylle, Terrormander


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Note: All characters are listed in order of their first appearances in the episode. The time they appear is the time from the Japanese dub..

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