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What's the matter kid, ain't you ever seen a Space Slug before?

— Ironhide to Warpath

Space slugs are large, slug-like, robotic life-forms that live deep in Cybertron's core. They are part of Cybertron's natural immune system and are immune to the corruptive properties of Dark Energon. They can travel through liquidized Dark Energon without being harmed, as most other Cybertronians would be damaged with this contact, and Space Slugs also can destroy Dark Energon crystals or other types of corruption.


  • Just like earth slugs, they leave a trail of slime.
  • There is an achievement, called "Slugfest" where you must save a Space Slug from destruction at the hands of a Decepticon Destroyer by droping a rock on a him before he reaches the slug.

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