Spider Tanks are a type of Decepticlone from the Transformers (PS2) video game.



Spider Tanks are the all-terrain combat units of the Decepticlone army. Large quadruped assault units, Spider Tanks can traverse uneven terrain more easily than most other Decepticlones, though they aren't terribly fast. They don't really need to be, however, as their legs are equipped with large blaster-deflecting armor panels, making hitting their vulnerable main body difficult.

Spider Tanks are capable of spotting a target from far greater distances than normal Decepticlones, often sighting an Autobot before the intended target is aware a Spider Tank is nearby. They are also capable of picking off said targets with remarkable ease, even when they are running at top speed. Their attacks can be avoided (barely) by staying close and running around them in circles, preventing them from getting a hit with their standard shots; Spider Tanks will not try to use their charge-shot when under these conditions.

Spider tank vsprime

You're going to need a bigger shoe, Optimus.

Spider Tanks typically spray rapid laser fire bursts at their targets, followed with a charged-up powerful single shot that can send even a large Autobot flying backwards out of control. Although they do not possess eight legs, the moniker "Spider" Tank is still valid due to the way in which they move. Being as heavy as they are, Spider Tanks are not affected by Autobots ramming into them in vehicle mode.

It should also be noted that if an Autobot were to get too close and attenpt melee attacks on a spider tank it would slam the ground to sent an Autobot flying, like the heavy unit, this can be avoided with a well-timed jump.

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