This article is about the Power Core Combiner. For the Autobot Micromaster, see Stakeout (G1).
Stakeout is an Autobot Commander from the Power Core Combiners series.

Before he became a team commander, Stakeout was considered a loose cannon by many Autobots. He often ventured out on his own, against orders, determined to win the war on his terms or not at all. Undergoing the Power Core process has mellowed him. He has learned that with power comes responsibility, and is determined to use his new power for the greatest good.


  • Stakeout with Protectobots. (Commander, 2010)
Stakeout is a repaint of Smolder with a color scheme resembling Generation 1 Defensor. The paint job is to make his vehicle form look more like an ambulance.
The Protectobots attach via the blue peg system.


  • Due to the ambiguous continuity of the Power Core Combiners series, it's possible that Power Core Combiner Stakeout is the same character as Generation 1 Stakeout.

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