The Star mini-submarine is a piece of technology in the Generation One continuity family.
Star minisub

Dolphins ignore the Star since it's too large to bung.

The Star mini-submarine is one of Wheeljack's pet projects, a submersible to allow even Transformers not equipped to function underwater to do so. The Star is kept offshore, and can be guided by remote control.

The Star can comfortably fit two normal-sized Transformers. It has a lock to allow one to enter or exit underwater, lights for deep-submersion, radio communications, variable-frequency sonar and an advanced holographic mapping system.

The Star is extremely quiet and difficult to detect unless it draws attention to itself.

The Star is a prototype, not a production model. It's not shielded against high-frequency disruption, and its viewports are not built to withstand an impact.


Find Your Fate Junior

Wheeljack sent the Star sub for Skids and Bumblebee to use while exploring Dolphin Bay.

When Bumblebee was trapped on the bay's floor, Skids used the Star's onboard computer to translate the basic vocabulary of the nearby dolphins, asking them to rescue him.

The sub went haywire under Frenzy's high-frequency assault. It either sank, or had its electronics fried by Skids. Dinobots Strike Back

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