The name or term Starscream refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Starscream (disambiguation).
Starscream is a Decepticon from the Kre-O continuity.


Starscream thinks he is the most, awesomely powerful Kreon in the universe. He doesn't care about those other Decepticons who they recount the supposedly "evil" exploits of Lord Megatron. Jealous? No, he's not jealous. Evil, he says, pure evil. Soon the throne of Megatron will be his!


Starscream was one of the contestants in a robot Talent show, apearing after bumblebee to perform his baleet act. Although the act was terrible and he fell and smashed himself to pieces, the Decepticon judges gave him a huge score. Bot Stars


  • Starscream ($30 dollar Kre-O set, 2011)
This Starscream is based on his Generation 1 counterpart with accents of the his live-action film series counterpart. He transforms into a F-15 Eagle-esque fighter aircraft. The pilot or the Kreon Starscream figure can ride in his cockpit.
He comes with a small Kreon Starscream and a human pilot. Due to unexplained circumstances, Starscream's head has blue eyes instead of the red ones as seen in his character models.


  • His favourite pastime is building brick castles with his friend, Starwheeze.
  • His favourite book written by himself, I'm My Own Me: How to Command Confidently
  • He also loves bowling— with the heads of Autobots.
  • Starscream featured in an internet advert for Kre-O, called "Bot Stars", in which he was auditioning in a talent contest.


Screamer dances

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