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Starscream (スタースクリーム Sutāsukurīmu?) is a character introduced in the Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers television series.

Personality & Character


4 Million B.C.

The ghost of Starscream from the future went back in time to posses Waspeeter.



After disposing of Megatron and other Destron casualties, the Destrons were left without a leader, out of the scuffle abord Astrotain, Starscream apparently rose victorious and achieved his goal of being leader. But at his coronation, Megatron, reformatted as Galvatron killed him.


Starscream came back as a ghost Starscream's Ghost

Starscream's ghost teamed up with the Quintessons, who built him a powerful new body. This new body, equipped with attacks such as "Right Arm Decepticon Gun" and the "Revolver Laser", was created using a combination of Optimus Prime's and Megatron's designs. The result was Guiltaur.
Guiltaur joined the Decepticons and quickly became Galvatron's right-hand man (literally—in, like, 5 seconds). Galvatron tricked Rodimus Prime into engaging him in a one-on-one battle in which Guiltaur faked defeat. When Rodimus least suspected it, Guiltaur attacked and laid the smack down. Galvatron complimented Guiltaur on his power and loyalty, and instinctively, Guiltaur beat the crap out of Galvatron and declared his ambition to take over the Decepticons. Rodimus Prime and Galvatron called a truce and joined forces to defeat Guiltaur. They wrecked him something fierce, destroying his body and forcing out Starscream's ghost. They then ended the truce and went about their business. [[|]]

Starscream tricked Unicron into giving him a new body. Starscream's Revival



He constantly strived to overthrow his only superior, Megatron.


Skyfire was once his friend and fellow scientist.


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