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This article is about the abominations from the Animated continuity family. For the mad Starscream clone from the Dreamwave comics, see Sunstorm (G1).
Starscream clones are a group of Decepticons from the Animated continuity family.
Lotta starscreams

Are there no signs of normalcy in these wretches? No cowardice or pomposity, no snideyness or smarm, not even basic honest-to-goodness double-dealing two-facedness?

A Starscream clone is one of an army of (mostly) physically identical copies of Starscream. They have all of his abilities, with the added bonus of being extremely disposable. While there seem to be a large number of mass-produced clones, a handful have appeared which carry AllSpark energy signatures, have different colour schemes, and seem to embody various elements of Starscream's personality. The clones are created from the protoforms that Lockdown stole from Yoketron, brought to Megatron and stored within his warship.

The clones include:

This is going to be a long orbital cycle.

—Starscream realizes that having an army of clones is bad if you're Starscream, "A Bridge Too Close, Part I"


Transformers Animated cartoon

Dragging purple

You've got a longer yellow streak than a herd of incontinent camels.

After Prowl and Lockdown captured and then lost the original Starscream on the Moon, his sycophantic clone destroyed Prowl's shuttle and headed for Earth. The two bots followed him, but bumped into the cowardly clone first. After capturing him, Lockdown told Megatron that he had caught him and after finding out, Prowl tried taking him back to the Elite guard instead of Megatron but Lockdown got away and dragged the clone away. As the Autobots gave chase, the Sycophant appeared and offered to deal. Prowl wasn't having any of it, and after a brief skirmish, managed to get the stasis cuffs on him. Both Lockdown and the Autobots took the clones to an abandoned warehouse, where the Decepticons were waiting. As everyone was understandably shocked, some sort of program deactivated the clones' higher functions and opened their spark chambers, which were empty - expect for a pair of powerful bombs. As Lockdown and the Decepticons made a break for it, Prowl welded his borrowed mods to the pair and launched them into the sky, where they exploded. The Decepticons were caught in the blast wave, but the city was saved. In the wreckage of the Nemesis, a disappointed but pragmatic Starscream consoled himself with the fact he still had plenty left. A Fistful of Energon

While Megatron was officially bringing the Constructicons into his army on Earth, Starscream was doing the same with his clones on the Moon. Immediately after he brought his final clone on-line, however, the neurotic ensemble began giving him trouble, and he learned that each of them embodied a distilled facet of his personality: his cowardice, his sycophancy, his deceitfulness, his egomania...and one facet that warned him not to ask what she was. After bringing the five clones to life the starscreams all flew to earth after Megatron made the space bridge. Starscream attacked the decepticons with his new army and lost two clones (along with Blurr) in a blob of cement and soon after lost his head to Prof. Sumdac finally the other Starscream clones decided he was unworthy to lead them and went to Megatron but after that they all had to attack Omega Supreme and were easily defeated. A Bridge Too Close, Part I‎I

The Clones acted independent with Skywarp and Thundercracker floating aimlessly in space while Sunstorm and the Liar Starscream are captured and brought to Cybertron. Only the Female Starscream clone remained on Earth and in hiding, briefly appearing in an unintentional hit and run on Optimus. Most of the other Starscream clones still not activated were destroyed by Megatron.

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Titan Magazines

Starscream used his mass produced clones to seize the Autobot base. Unfortunately, Sari knew their weakness: they weren't immune to giant robot dinosaurs beating the slag out of them. Transformers Comic issue 17


  • The clones are a reference to the common practice of redecoing Starscream toys as new characters, specifically the Seekers.
  • The color schemes and names (though little more) of most of the clones are inspired by various Generation One Seekers.
  • At BotCon 2008, Transformers Animated series creators Derrick Wyatt and Marty Isenberg repeatedly emphasized that there would be "no clone army... definitely no clone army... absolutely no clone army in this show." Lots of reports forgot the sarcasm tag.
  • Apparently, the Seekers don't actually have their own names in the cartoon, being referred to as "Starscreams" or "Starscream clones". Then again, we've only heard the Autobots talk about them. Or maybe nobody knows their names except them.
  • Of the clones appearing in the cartoon, Ramjet has appeared in more episodes than any other with a total episode count of five. Sunstorm has four, Skywarp, Thundercracker and Slipstream have three, and Dirge never even appeared.
  • Each clone but Slipstream is voiced by Tom Kenny. Also each clone but her has a Starscream head, each clone but her represents an obvious aspect of his personality and each clone but her is male.