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The name or term Steamhammer refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Steamhammer (disambiguation).
Steamhammer is a Decepticon Commander from the Power Core Combiners series.

Steamhammer knows there's another Decepticon team out there with the same name as his. He doesn't care. The strength granted him through the Power Core process is more than enough to destroy anyone who dares to challenge him.


  • Steamhammer with Constructicons (Commander, 2010)
Steamhammer transforms into a green bulldozer with a huge bucket. In humanoid mode, he has a lot of kibble, the whole bulldozer blade hangs off his back. Upon transformation to his combiner mode, his back kibble forms his head, shoulders and chest.
The Constructicons attach via the blue peg system.

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