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Steelgrave is a Predacon in the Beast Era portion of the Generation One continuity family.

I am your de-entist.

Steelgrave is a little-known Predacon commander. It is something of a mystery how he has remained so obscure, however, because beneath his formal, pretentious exterior flickers a spark as sadistic and loathsome as any imaginable. Although he transforms into some kind of tanklike vehicle, it is his robot mode in which he can best make use of the giant saw embedded in his chest and the array of torture devices in his hands and arms.


Timelines: Razor's EdgeEdit


  • Steelgrave's name and physical description (although not his visual portrayal) are based on those of Slaughter Steelgrave, the leader of the evil Destructors in the 1980s Tomy toyline Starriors.

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