The name or term Steeljaw refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Steeljaw (disambiguation).

Steeljaw loves the feel of the wind whipping across his sensors as Leadfoot screams around a track. The cyber-dog is ill-tempered, rickety, and occasionally emits noxious fumes or sparks bad enough to set his surroundings on fire, but Leadfoot doesn't mind. Even the humans Leadfoot works with have learned to appreciate having a mean robot dog with a powerful bite around.

Steeljaw is the Ulimate Tracker. When the Wreckers need to locate a Decepticon, creature, person or object, they turn to Steeljaw's advanced senses.

Steeljaw's bio.



  • Leadfoot with Sergeant Detour & Steeljaw (Human Alliance, 2011)
Steeljaw comes as an extra with this Human Alliance figure. Steeljaw was originally designed to turn into Leadfoot's engine, but this didn't work because they couldn't give Steeljaw a missile launcher gimmick if he was that small. As such, Steeljaw can also turn into a cannon, that can either be mounted on Leadfoot's shoulder or on his arm. Steeljaw also comes with a lead which allow Leadfoot walk him. Because of the lead, an improvised "Mace" form can be made.


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