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The name or term Strafe refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Strafe (disambiguation).
Strafe is an Autobot from the Generation 2 portion of the Generation One continuity family.

The Autobot Cyberjet known as Strafe was at one point a Decepticon Cyberjet. However, over time, he began to sympathize with the Autobots and, along with Jetfire and Aero Raid, switched sides. His betrayal of the Decepticons has earned him the eternal scorn of the remaining Decepticon Cyberjets.


Japanese G2 story pages and minicomics

During battle, Volt ran seriously low on energy and was cornered by Megatron. Things looked grim for Volt until Strafe arrived as back-up. Strafe decked Megatron square in the jaw and encouraged his "friend", Volt, not to run away from the battle. Volt was left unsure whether to be pleased that Strafe saved his life, or ticked that Strafe was such a jerk.


Generation 2

  • Strafe (Cyberjet, 1995)
Japanese ID number: TRF-15
A redeco of the Decepticon Cyberjet Space Case, Strafe transforms into a fictional aircraft which is a conglomerate of 'cutting edge' (for that era) design cues. His right arm features an attached claw that launches missiles using a pressure-launch mechanism. He comes with an extra decal sheet, giving you some customization options.
The exact same toy was originally released in America as the former Technobot Strafe. This mold was also used for the Universe version of Space Case and Robot Masters X-Gunner.

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